Stay Tuned! New Chapter For BenGusto Under Way

BenGusto is packing up and heading onward towards the Golden State. I’ll be attending Stanford University (hence the use of the word “tree” in the title of this post) to learn, play, taste, cook, and adventure all along the West Coast for four years, and do so with quite an amazing group of students and professors drawn from all corners of the world.

I plan to take a hiatus from blogging for an indeterminate amount of time in order to dedicate more of my attention to building a future for BenGusto (as well as study, I suppose). I have multiple projects I am working on to bring BenGusto on Stanford’s campus, and continue pursuing my mission of bringing people together around the table. Stay tuned! BenGusto has a lot more to come.

At a momentous moment such as this one, I am grateful to have your support, and the support of the online and offline communities that have always been involved with BenGusto. Your interest, engagement, and enthusiasm are the building blocks for this little community we share, and they’ve always encouraged me to continue working towards my dreams. Without your support, an opportunity like Stanford would never have been made a reality for me. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me and BenGusto.

Keep your spatulas on hand, and forchette ready. We’re about to see some serious gusto.

– Ben

California sunset on Stanford campus

California sunset on Stanford campus

The Stanford band. They're really pretty crazy. They've been kicked out of five football stadiums.

The Stanford band. They’re really pretty crazy. They’ve been kicked out of five football stadiums.

Thanks, Mom.

Thanks, Mom.


4 responses on “Stay Tuned! New Chapter For BenGusto Under Way

  1. All of the Colombi’s wish you the very best as you had off to college. We know that you will leave your mark on the Stanford campus!

  2. Hi Ben,
    Congrads on graduation. I am wishing the best for you in college and much success to come.
    Take care,
    Uncle Johnny

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