BenGusto Dining

BenGusto Dining is’s catering company managed by BenGusto founder, Ben Gaiarin, and run by a trained staff of the next generation. BenGusto Dining provides a fantastic opportunity to host an unforgettable, private dinner for anyone looking to serve something unique, and throw a stress-free party. Chef Ben Gaiarin, author of, provides an exquisite four-course meal that includes unique BenGusto recipes inspired by his extensive Italian travels. All of the work- the purchasing of the groceries, the preparation of the dishes, the decoration, the cleaning- is taken care of by BenGusto Dining for a stress-free, relaxed evening.

Why is the BenGusto Dining experience even more unique than what any other catering company or private chef would provide? BenGusto Dining serves high-quality dishes that are prepared and designed by Chef Ben Gaiarin, age 16. The waiting staff of BenGusto Dining consists of trained waiters and waitresses under 18 years old. BenGusto Dining puts on a top-class dining experience only found in Michelin-Star restaurants at a third of the price.

What does BenGusto Dining provide?

  • A full four-course meal prepared by BenGusto Chef, Ben Gaiarin (16 years old)
  • A list of options for each course so the host/hostess can select the best suited dish
  • A waiting staff under 18 years of age for a full, exquisite dining experience
  • BenGusto Dining will do all the after-party cleaning to make the evening even more relaxing for you!
  • Decoration and table setting service (host/hostess must provide all tableware and decorations)
  • BenGusto Dining uses its own cutlery and cooking materials
  • Healthy and 100% homemade artisinal dishes
  • Original BenGusto recipes influenced by Italian cuisine that will impress your taste buds, and offer something unique to any dinner party
  • Dishes prepared using organic, natural ingredients. No artificial anything (of course).
  • Host/Hostess can choose to create specialty menus for their dinner parties (vegetarian, allergy-minded, etc.)
  • BenGusto Dining can serve breakfast and lunches as well (menu will change accordingly)
  • A stress-free, elegant, and unique dinner party served by the next generation for the enjoyment of all!



BenGusto Dining is flexible for any specific event or party under 15 people. BenGusto dining not only serves private dinner parties, but also lunches, brunches, breakfasts, buffets, and even simple two-person meals. Since BenGusto has a young staff, no events can be served during regular school hours. Feel free to contact Chef Ben Gaiarin with any catering requests.

BenGusto Dining is based around the Washington DC metropolitan area, and can only serve around the metropolitan area, and into Northern Virginia.

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