BenGusto™ Featured in Ganeshram’s New Book

The story of the BenGusto™ company and blog is featured in Ramin Ganeshram’s new cookbook, “FutureChefs”.

FutureChefs Book

Ramin Ganeshram’s new book, a collection of recipes and stories from young chefs around the nation and the world, was released on October 7, 2014. A beautifully written summary of the BenGusto™ story, as well as an original recipe for “La Peperonata Redux” (click here for the recipe originally posted on Oct. 23, 2013), is included in this extraordinary collection of diverse culinary backgrounds from the next generation’s best chefs.

FutureChefs Book


Ramin Ganeshram is best known for her work as a culinary expert with publications such as the New York Times, BonAppetit, and the Food Network.

Congratulations to the author and chefs for a brilliant collection! 



5 responses on “BenGusto™ Featured in Ganeshram’s New Book

  1. Well, Ben…no surprise with this news! And… if you had NOT been included in the book, then shame on Mr. Ganeshram. But of course, that didn’t happen because he obviously does have a keen eye out
    for outstanding young chefs who are already gaining recognition. You
    clearly qualify! Huge congrats!!!

  2. Congratulations Ben! You deserve this fabulous recognition! I would love to have you come to LHMS to be a guest speak to my 8th grade Family & Consumer Science students about your passion some time in November or early December. Do you think this is a possibility? Again, Congratulations! Mrs. Yobs, FACS Teacher, Langston Hughes Middle School

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