BenGusto Back in Italy

BenGusto™ has packed up its drawers full of spatulas, and headed to Italy to spend the next two months exploring the world of Italian cuisine in the heartland of exquisite food and wine. Boy oh boy! We will be in for quite a ride this summer.

In July, we’ll be learning what it takes to make fresh cheese in the alps of Switzerland’s Ticino region (the Italian-speaking part of the country). Join me in hiking up the alps, following the cattle as they graze along the grassy terrain! I cannot even begin to imagine what an experience it will be. We will have to wait and see.

The Swiss Alps are calling "BenGusto".

The Alps are calling “BenGusto”.

Following our cheesy adventure, BenGusto will be returning to the Agrihotel Elisabetta in the coastal town of Cecina in Tuscany, Italy. There we’ll get to see the ins and outs of an authentic, homely Italian kitchen, including the day-to-day drama the Bernetti family experiences while running a farm/hotel/restaurant. I’ll be back to work as apprentice sous chef, working under the wing of head chef Leonardo Brunetti  (Leo recently went to the Phillipines on a cooking adventure, so it will be interesting to see what new experiences have influenced him in the kitchen). I’ll be posting photos and sharing stories throughout my month-long stay at the Agrihotel, so everyone here at BenGusto can indulge on this exciting new experience.

Returning back to work with Head Chef Leonardo of the Agrihotel.

Returning back to work with Head Chef Leonardo of the Agrihotel.

Here’s to a thrilling summer! Buon Appetito and Great Appetites!


Chef Ben Gaiarin

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