BenGusto on Facebook

It is about time that BenGusto™ catches up with modern times!

BenGusto™ is now on Facebook, and I dare say that it is the most dashing page on Facebook. Very elegant, and very fascinating.

The BenGusto Facebook page is a great way to get extra BenGusto™ kitchen tips and secrets, as well as additional recipes and stories. Since it takes me a good 5 hours to complete a blog post, the BenGusto Facebook page will be a great way for me to post quick and dandy things, such as daily BenGusto™ experiments and photos. This way, everyone can have a little more BenGusto™ than just a post a week!

BenGusto™ Facebook Page

Everyone is welcome to send their own kitchen tips, recipes, photos, or food stories to be posted on the BenGusto Facebook page, or send me a message! Facebook Page “Likes” are, of course, more than welcome..

I cannot thank you, my friends, more than enough! Keep your spatulas ready!


Ben Gaiarin



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