Presenting BenGusto Dining – The Future of Catering

On behalf of, I would like to present BenGusto’s first business venture, BenGusto Dining. BenGusto Dining has been a large work in progress over the past four months, and it has finally come time to open it up for business.

BenGusto Dining is a catering company designed to promote young talent in the kitchen, and provide people with a way to host dinners and parties in an elegant manner minus all the stressful work.

BenGusto Dining offers customers a four-course meal of unique and exquisite recipes created by Chef Ben Gaiarin. Everything is homemade, all-natural and organic, and influenced by BenGusto’s Italian roots. The dinner (or lunch, brunch, and breakfast) is served by a BenGusto trained staff, which is made up of hard-working students under 18 years of age. BenGusto Dining is partnered with Siema Wines to offer an optional, inexpensive wine selection that pairs unique fine wines from all over the world with each dish. All the cleaning and preparation for the party is done by BenGusto Dining, so the hosts/hostesses can relax and enjoy their guests.

Enjoy a relaxing evening with your guests. BenGusto Dining will cook and clean.

Enjoy a relaxing evening with your guests. BenGusto Dining will cook and clean.

I am very excited for BenGusto Dining because I not only have great passion for cooking up such beautiful, large meals, but also I understand that BenGusto Dining offers a unique private dining experience unlike any other. I encourage everyone to check out the new BenGusto Dining page on

BenGusto is growing into such a lovely development only thanks to its incredible supporters. Thanks, my friends! Keep your spatulas ready for more great things to come.

-Ben Gaiarin

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7 responses on “Presenting BenGusto Dining – The Future of Catering

  1. Ben, We WOULD like to schedule a dinner party, so please forward some details…dates available, etc.

  2. Ben Vicky and I are so excited for you. It’s a great idea and, potentially, a great business model. You will soon hear from us to have a nice evening of gourmet food and wine and…..lot’s of fun!!!

    • Sounds good, Riccardo! Haha! Great to hear from you, and I am grateful for the support. Let me know when you are interested in hosting a “BenGusto Dinner”. Hope to see you both soon!
      -Ben Gaiarin

  3. Awesome!!! I’m going to be a regular client! Will be in touch soon with dates!
    BENGUSTO is going to be the next BIG THING. Trina

    • Haha! Thanks, Trina! Just let me know when you have settled on a date, and we can arrange everything for a super good time. Good to hear from you, and hope to see you soon!
      -Ben Gaiarin

  4. Ben, You never cease to amaze us, so this NEW venture should be no surprise. What a unique and
    special undertaking. Hope and expect you will not only positively influence the lives of some lucky young people, but will hopefully hear from lots of folks (like
    us) who will want to plan a special meal…while being
    GUESTS at our own party. Good luck!!! Shonnie J.

    • Thank you, Mrs. Johnson! I love to hear the support, because it really means a lot to me. Let me know about that special meal! I am looking forward to having you as guests as well.

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